Embark on a personal
journey of change

We all face metaphorical mountains and wonder how we will ever be able to get to the other side. We all come into adulthood with baggage from our past that hinders our way. I am passionate about coming alongside of people wherever they find themselves in their journey.

I know how hard the inner work of transformation can be – I’ve done (and am continuing) that work myself. It’s not work that is easily entered into alone and I’d be honored to walk with you. 


As a Leadership Residency Director, I have guided men and women through a spiritual leadership program designed to help each individual become a healthier and more centered leader. I’d like to offer a similar community experience to the next generation of influencers. This year-long cohort is designed for those who are serious about taking their spiritual growth and self-leadership to the next level.

Participants from anywhere in the world can apply, as we will utilize virtual technology. It will include individual coaching sessions as well as co-ed group calls and will included an in-person retreat. Contact me if you’re interested. (Application process will follow; spaces are limited.)


I want to see people living free and at peace with themselves and with others. If that’s something you want for yourself as well, I’d love it if you’d contact me about my one-on-one or group offerings.